Tramadol Abuse

Taking Tramadol as prescribed by the doctor can be a safe and effective medication against moderate to severe pain. On the other hand, abusing it can result in destructive or even deadly outcomes. The drug was intended as a powerful weapon against pain. Sadly, some people are now starting to abuse the drug for its unintended use.

There are many ways to know if someone you know or close to you are abusing Tramadol. Being equipped with this knowledge can help you save someone you love from the dangerous side effects of Tramadol addiction. And if you are taking Tramadol, this can help you when it’s time to stop and drop the drug.

Tramadol Abuse Side Effects

Before we tackle the symptoms of Tramadol abuse, it is wise for us first to know some of the dangers of abusing Tramadol.

Listed below are some of the serious side effects of Tramadol abuse:

  • Seizures: the psychoactive property of Tramadol greatly affects the way the body sends signals to the brain. Overdosage of Tramadol can result in the brain overloading sending a person into violent and dangerous seizures.
  • Kidney Failure: The kidney is the main organ responsible for filtering toxins in our blood streams. An abundant supply of Tramadol will force your kidneys to work in overdrive which can inevitably fail.
  • Addiction: contrary to what people often think, drug abuse and addiction are two different things. Abuse is when one uses a substance beyond what should be, while addiction is dependence on the substance to function properly. (1)
  • Death: flooding the body with any psychoactive drug can result to the brain failing to send signals to important parts of the body such as the lungs or heart.

How To Know If Someone Is Abusing Tramadol

Some quick ways to know is someone you know has been abusing their Tramadol supply:

  • Always Low on Supply: you may notice that their supply is always running low even when they just recently visited their doctor to get a new prescription for the drug.
  • Complain about the Drugs Ineffectivity: when a person abuses Tramadol, their body eventually becomes numb to the effects of the drugs. Hence, the patient would need to drink a more and more of the drug for it to work.
  • Using More Than What is Prescribed: data has shown that the safest amount of Tramadol that an adult can take on a daily basis is around 400mg. If a patient starts taking more than this without a doctor’s permission, then it is very likely that they are abusing the drug.

Tramadol is a safer alternative compared to other opioids like morphine and heroin. However, the dangers posed by abusing it is no less than the latter. If you know someone who might be abusing the drug, it would be best to refer them to a doctor to get them checked.


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