When a drug interacts with another drug the reaction can create unwanted side effects and can alter the way the drug works. Xarelto has 355 known drug interactions. 174 are major drug interactions, 173 are moderate drug interactions, and 8 are minor drug interactions. It is important that you know which drugs interact with Xarelto and to use your medication exactly as prescribed by your physician to avoid complications.

Some drugs like ritonavir can negatively affect the removal of Xarelto from the body, which may increase exposure to Xarelto and alter the way the medication works. Increased exposure to Xarelto can increase the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. Other drugs that alter the removal of Xarelto include itraconazole, posaconazole, lopinavir, rifamycins, carbamazepine, conivaptan, phenobarbital, cobicistat, phenytoin, and much more.

Aspirin has similar anticoagulant properties as blood thinners and when used alongside Xarelto it increases the risk of excessive bleeding. On the other hand, your physician may prescribe to you low dose aspirin while on Xarelto as a preventative measure against heart attacks and strokes if the benefits of its use far outweigh the risks.

Other drugs that may interact with Xarelto include venlafaxine, mifepristone, fluoxetine, Comtrex, nelfinavir oral, and sulindac oral. If you have doubts consult your doctor about the possible interactions Xarelto may have with the other medication you’re taking.