You’re a casual drinker. You probably even enjoy sipping red wine while having your dinner. You’ve been partaking in this custom for years. But you’ve just been prescribed Xarelto, now you’re wondering whether or not you have to quit drinking alcohol altogether. After all, alcohol does react with other medications and the result can sometimes be deadly.

The official website for Xarelto states that the use of the medication does not require a change in dietary habits. There is no mention of alcohol creating complications, so you’re left to assume that you’re free to consume alcohol while on the medication. But some experts would actually recommend that you not drink alcohol while on a blood thinner. That’s because research has shown that alcohol has the effect of reducing the blood’s ability to clot much like blood thinners, though the process is not fully understood. So when the two are taken together, the risk of bleeding significantly increases. Since alcohol isn’t explicitly prohibited but can cause problems with blood thinners, it is recommended that you err on the side of caution and limit your consumption of alcohol to two standard drinks a day and avoid heavy drinking.